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Open Letter

Greetings Volleyball families.  We hope that this letter greets you well, and that you and your loved ones are in good health and spirits.  MBS as an organization has been a part of the East Orlando community since 2011 and has been a part of an athletic journey for thousands of children throughout the years.  In 2014, Founders Marlon and Christna founded MBS Volleyball in response to an overwhelming need to to provide a club volleyball experience to the area.  Tens of thousands of hours of time and sweat equity has been poured into this program and the benefits to us and the community have been immeasurable.  We are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you, and we believe that we have become better people having experienced this.  


It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to close MBS Volleyball indefinitely. This decision has not been taken lightly, and we have agonized over it for sometime now. We firmly believe in delivering a quality product with full throated effort and intention, but unfortunately at this time, we are unable to do such.  As you may already understand, running a volleyball club requires a tremendous amount of time, effort and focus to deliver a quality product that is beneficial to the customer, and anything outside of that is unacceptable for us. We have poured over different plans and scenarios to see if there was a possibility for us to be able to make this work, and still deliver a quality product, but unfortunately, we were unable to.  As you know, we have been essentially shut down for this whole season due to COVID.  The impact of not running a season has been devastating to say the least, however we were optimistic that we would essentially be able to recapture some of the momentum that we had going until we had to shut down.  As we began to re-open and run clinics and camps, the reality set in very quickly that we would essentially be starting from scratch.  Starting from scratch is fine, however there needs to be a lot of time, energy, passion, and motivation  available to achieve such a feat.  Unfortunately for us, between one daughter who is a sophomore in college, one who is an incoming freshman in college, one going into her sophomore year in high school, two businesses(outside of MBS), parents with health issues, and needing family time, and trying to restart a volleyball club, something had to give, and MBS was the only reasonable option.  This is heartbreaking for us, because we really care about the kids, families, coaches, and surrounding communities.  We have really come to adore all of the people who allowed us the privilege to enrich their children, and help grown their passion for the sport.  We will miss you all!  


As for us, the truth is, we are looking forward to just being “parents” and supporting our children in their endeavors that also happen to be Volleyball.   So, you will likely see us around, cheering our daughter on, as well as cheering on your kids as well.  We really love to see these young athletes succeed and be their best.  If you see us, come say hi, or if we see you, we’ll do the same.  Although some of you may find this disappointing, we really hope that you understand our tough decision.  MBS may one day return in some capacity, but only time will tell.  We care about you, please take care.  




Gary & Gio



PS: Below are links to local clubs in the area that will be holding tryouts soon. 



Oviedo Volleyball Academy


Top Select Volleyball



Game Point Volleyball



Winter Park Volleyball Club


Tainas Volleyball Club

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